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Limited Edition Merch is Bananas!

Limited Edition Merch is Bananas!

To celebrate the season and the upcoming Morey Tonen Carnival the club has secured some limited edition merchandise that you’ll go absolutely bananas over.

The Banana Bucket Hat is a must-own item in 2022, take it fishing, camping, to the shops and wear it proudly on game day, this limited edition item is only $15 which is currently better value than cryptocurrency. It’s like an NFT but you actually get to take it home and wear it.

The Banana Sock comes in a pair, but we can’t guarantee they will stay that way after the first wash. Where do those socks disappear to? Is there another dimension in the multiverse that only Dr Strange can get to that is home to all the socks lost in the wash? Good thing they are only $10 and a great way to show your support for the club.

Both items are available now at the club shop.. yeah the bar

Pick yours up at the Morey Tonen Carnival on August 13th.

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