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Grab Life By The Balls Inspires Our Team Ahead of Lachlan Wells Charity Shield

This week, our club had the privilege of hosting Sam from Grab Life By The Balls, a remarkable organization dedicated to improving mental and physical health. Sam addressed our FQPL3 Men and Under 23’s squad, delivering a powerful message about the transformative impact of having three good mates. The team was deeply moved by Sam’s words and gained a greater appreciation for the incredible work that Grab Life By the Balls does within our community. 

In support of this outstanding organization, we are excited to announce that we will be holding a raffle with fantastic prizes throughout the weekend, leading up to the highly anticipated Lachlan Wells Charity Shield on Saturday. Join us for an inspiring event filled with football, community spirit, and the opportunity to make a difference.

Sam’s Impactful Message: Sam’s visit to our club was a true inspiration. He emphasized the importance of building strong connections and fostering genuine friendships, not only for our mental well-being but also for our physical health. In a world that can sometimes feel isolating, Sam reminded us that having three good mates can make a significant difference in our lives. He shared stories of personal struggles and triumphs, highlighting the positive impact his organization has had on numerous individuals within the community. Sam’s message resonated deeply with our squad, instilling a newfound understanding of the value of friendship and support.

Grab Life By the Balls and Its Community Work: Grab Life By the Balls is a local organization that has been making a remarkable difference in our community. Through various initiatives and programs, they strive to raise awareness about mental health, encourage open conversations, and provide support to those who need it. Their tireless efforts have helped countless individuals overcome challenges, fostering resilience and promoting a healthier approach to life. We were honored to have Sam share the organization’s mission and achievements with us, further reinforcing our commitment to supporting their cause.

The Lachlan Wells Charity Shield 2023

This weekend, we are proud to host the Lachlan Wells Charity Shield, a significant event in our club’s calendar. The shield serves as a platform to raise funds and awareness of Men’s Health in Australia through supporting Grab Life By the Balls.

We’ll be back on Field 2 (Main Field) after a long break and will feature two exciting matches: the FQPL 3 U23 game at 4:00 PM and the FQPL 3 MEN game at 6:00 PM, where our team will face off against Gympie United Football Club. These matches promise to be intense and captivating, showcasing the passion and talent of our players.

In conjunction with the Lachlan Wells Charity Shield, we will be hosting a raffle to raise funds for Grab Life By the Balls. 

The prizes have been generously donated by local businesses and individuals who share our commitment to supporting mental health initiatives. By purchasing raffle tickets, not only will you have a chance to win fantastic prizes, but you will also contribute directly to the incredible work being done by Grab Life By the Balls in our community.

Raffle Items

Raffle tickets will be available all day on Saturday, ensuring that everyone has an opportunity to participate and make a difference.

In the spirit of the evening’s message, we encourage every member of our community, The Banana Army, to come and join us this weekend for the Lachlan Wells Charity Shield. In keeping with the theme, “Bring Three Mates,” we invite you to bring along friends and family to experience the power of friendship and community firsthand. Together, we can create an atmosphere of camaraderie, support, and inclusivity