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Kawana Soccer Club was first established in 1979 from the disbanded Henzell Park Rangers Club. Many members of that club became members of the new organisation. Les Hankin taking on the job of President and his wife Sue becoming Secretary/Treasurer. The club took up residence on the park directly behind Kawana Shopping World now know as Kevin Asmus Park. They obtained the services of long time soccer leader Fin McColm, to act as counsellor in an attempt to steer the club in the right direction. Kawana Estates Pty Ltd provided valuable financial support in the first year and continued to back the club in the ensuing years.
Morey Tonen, a foundation member passed away in the early eighties and the club decided to hold a carnival to honour his memory annually, this was a under 7 and 8 carnival and has taken place ever since with the now iconic big medals proudly supplied by club sponsor Emro Pproducts each year.
In 1991, Kawana Soccer Club moved to the new Kawana Sports complex and in the following year had its Division 1 team, coached by Ken McLean play in its first ever grand final going down to BeeGees 3-1 with the goal being scored by Les “Casper” Fleming.
A junior girls team was formed in 1984, coached by Jeff Claridge, the team went undefeated for 5 years. Some of these ladies went on to play in the Women’s team wining 2 grand finals including the clubs first ever Senior team championship coached by Jim Laylor.
In 1997 the club won its first Division 1 Men’s Grand final against Noosa 3-2 in a golden goal thriller, with the winning goal scored by Scott Dixon and one each to Wayne Mitchel and Casper Fleming. Since then the club has gone on a very successful run of winning cups, grand finals and premierships.
1999 saw the appointment of Alex Murphy as Head Coach, Alex brought with him a more professional approach to not only the club but to the competition. Alex was one of very few to be appointed from outside Kawana Football Club but he managed to fit right in and still up hold the club culture while creating a culture for future players to aspire to. This was definitely a turning point in the clubs history and the success we have had since then is proof in its self.
In 2006, the club moved fields again to Kawana Sports Precinct, Western Fields after the failure and closure of the Kawana Sports complex (pre Sunshine Coast Stadium). This has been the clubs home for the past 12 years and hopefully if all goes to plan, will stay that way for the rest of time.
In 2016 the club rebranded and pulled into line with the rest of the country in becoming a “Football” club not a “Soccer”, changing its logo and name to Kawana Football Club. Kawana FC has always been a relatively small Club from a Membership perspective, however it's a different story on the pitch. Kawana FC has well in truly "punched above its weight" since 1997 winning a cabinet full of trophies, in a range of competitions both locally and State wide, in both Male and Female grades.
Current Life Members - Kawana Football Club
  • Morey Tonen (dec'd),
  • Jan Brice,
  • Uwe Wauge,
  • Gary Whan,
  • Ernie Grazier (dec'd),
  • Peter Kemp,
  • Trish Kemp,
  • Peter Harvey,
  • Derick Laird,
  • Anne Laird (dec'd),
  • Jeff Claridge,
  • Terri Claridge,
  • Laurie Jones,
  • Bob Fitzgerald,
  • Ken Oakes,
  • Lynn Oakes,
  • Allan Austin,
  • Dianne Austin,
  • Shaun Claridge,
  • Jim Laylor,
  • Martin Roth,
  • Brad Lloyd,
  • Les Fleming,

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