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Kawana FC Summer 7's tournament

Kawana FC Summer 7's tournament

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About the tournament

About the tournament

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Tournament rules

Kawana Summer 7's

Competition rules

1 Field size

1.1 Field will be half of a full size field 65m x 50m
1.2 Field will have a halfway line and a centre spot
1.3 Field will have a penalty area 25m x 12m with a penalty spot 10m from the goal line in the centre of the goal
1.4 Goals will be full senior size, have nets and be pegged down
1.5 There will be 2 technical areas, 1 each side of halfway 3m back from the sideline
1.6 Fields will have corner flags

2 Teams and players

2.1 Each team (will consist of) 10 players maximum on the team sheet (during the game).
2.2 Each team can register a maximum of 13 players for the tournament.
2.3 Each player must be registered as a social player on playfootball.com.au
2.4 There will be 7 players; 6 field players and 1 goalkeeper, from each team on the field during games.
2.5 Goalkeeper must be recognised by a different colour shirt or a bib
2.6 All field players from the same team must wear the same colour shirt.
2.7 Each team in the same game must wear different colour shirts or bibs and be different to the referee.
2.8 All players must wear shin pads

3 Game duration

3.1 Each game will start and end on the referees whistle
3.2 There will be a siren at the start and end of the game to recognise the game times only
3.2.1 The end siren will not end the game the referees whistle will.
3.3 Each game will be 20 minutes, 2 x 10 minute halves with no halftime break just a swap of ends
3.4 There will be 30 minutes allocated for each game
3.5 Each team must be on the field ready to play when the siren sounds
3.6 The referee will decide the team kicking off with a toss of a coin
3.7 The start of the game and each half will start with a kick off from the centre of the field as per FIFA rules

4 Game rules

4.1 FIFA rules apply during game time including a 5 minute sin bin rule
4.1.2 There will be no off-side rule for this competition
4.2 All free kicks will be indirect, unless it is in the penalty area then a direct free kick will be taken from the penalty spot.
4.3 Each game will have 1 centre referee and no AR's

5 Tournament rules

5.1 Men's competition
5.1.2 There will be 4 groups consisting of 6 teams
5.1.3 3 points awarded for a win, 1 point awarded for a draw and 0 points awarded for a loss
5.1.4 The top 2 teams of the group will progress to the knockout stage
5.1.5 If teams finish the group stage on equal points then the standings will be determined by and in order Better goal difference Most goals scored Most wins in the group stage Winner of the match between the 2 teams Toss of a coin

5.2 Women’s competition
5.2.1 There will be 3 groups of 6 teams
5.2.2 The top 2 from each group plus the 2 best 3rd place teams will progress to the knockout stages
5.2.3 Rules as per 5.1.3 to

5.3 Over 35's competition
5.3.1 There will be 2 groups of 6 teams
5.3.2 Rules as per 5.1.3 to

5.4 Discipline
5.4.1 Red card will be an automatic 1 match suspension
5.4.2 2 yellow cards in the tournament will be an automatic 1 match suspension
5.4.3 3rd yellow card will be an automatic 2 match suspension
5.4.4 A red card for fighting will be an automatic exclusion from the remainder of the tournament
5.4.5 Yellow cards will reset in the knockout stage

6 Prize money
6.1 Men's competition winner will receive $1500 cash and runner-up will receive $500 cash
6.2 Women's competition winner will receive $1000 cash and runner-up will receive $500 cash
6.3 Over 35's competition winner will receive $1000 cash and runner-up will receive $500 cash

7 Rule and rule challenges
7.1 All rules are determined by the host club Kawana Fc executive committee and the committee reserve the right to change or add new rules if the need arise.
7.2 The executive committee will have the final say on any rule challenge or disputeand the club president will have the final say if there is still no outcome from the executive committee
7.3 Referees will implement the rules of the games during the match as per FIFA rules

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